What is a Niche ? (In Blogging)

As the definition says, “a niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service”.

Similarly, a niche blog means, a blog which has articles about a specialized topic and not a broad category or a multi-topic blog.

For Example:
If we blog about gadget reviews, it is a broad category blog.

But if your blog is about headphone reviews, it is a niche category blog, even though it comes under gadget reviews.

These are few other examples of broad category blog ideas:

  • Technology Tips
  • Recipes Blog
  • How to make money blog

Below given are few examples for niche category blogging ideas:

  • Tips on how to create beautiful blog images
  • A blog for Paneer Recipes
  • A blog on How to make money with short URL’s

Why a niche topic blog ?

As you think, it is very easy to create a multi-topic blog or a blog with common topics like ‘technology tips blog’ or a ‘recipes blog’. We can write anything and everything about such topics and so there will be no shortage of content ideas.

But the chances to succeed with those kind of blogs are very less.

The main reasons why not to choose a multi-topic blog is because of the competitions in current blogging world.

There are millions of other blogs with multiple topic. So for getting quick organic traffic you need to focus on niche topics.

Your blog will get permanent visitors only if your website comes in first page of Google search result for important keywords. ie. you have to get organic traffic.

How you can get traffic from Niche blogs easily

The main reason for starting a niche topic blog is because of the low competitions in niche segments.

Also, if your blog topic is about a specialized segment, the chances for getting organic traffic from your targeted keywords are more.

This website will give you a lot of new blog niche ideas and tips on how to choose the best niche for you. Stay Tuned.

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