Top 10 Tech Niche Blog Ideas for 2019

Tech niches are one of the most profitable blog niche. and that is why the competition is huge for tech niches. But there are lot of untapped areas in this niche which will bring out the traffic.

Let’s see some topics for easy earnings in 2019.

1) Android / iOS App Reviews

Every day new apps are getting introduced in the app stores. So starting an app review website is an idea that has huge potential even if the competition is tougher. Look out for the latest apps coming in the app store, install it and give a detailed review.

2) Browser Extension Reviews

Browser extensions are available for all online purposes like for downloading, for taking screenshots, saving web pages, checking spellings etc. But many alternate options are available for each extensions and it’s your turn to give a review on the extensions and suggest the best.

3) Tech Jokes

Tech jokes & programming jokes are some of the most searched type of jokes in the internet. But a website exclusively for Tech jokes is rare.

4) iPhone Back Cover Review

iPhone cover reviews can earn a good amount of money from the Amazon affiliates. Almost all users buying an iPhone will search for a cool back cover through online.

5) Home Office Set Up

Every young people are now looking for an alternate earning option as a secondary source of income. For them, setting up a small office set up in home will be the primary focus especially for blogging, freelancing, web developers etc. So you can give a lot of innovative ideas on how to make a small office setup in your living room.

Also suggest amazon products that will be useful for setting up a work space like white board, office chairs, pen holders, table fan etc.

6) Fitness Band Review

A website exclusively for fitness band or fitness tracker review is an untapped blog niche idea. Fitness trackers are now available in the online marketplaces from various companies including the branded ones like Mi, Lenovo, Samsung etc and also from lot of other local brands.

7) Best kids learning apps

Now mothers used to give their kids tablets or smart phones for playing games, educational apps etc.

But the parents are always concerned about the type of app their kids should use. So if you can suggest the best educational games, learning apps, vocabulary apps, logical reasoning apps etc, that would be a good reference for the parents.

8) Local Side Business Ideas

The local side business ideas vary from country to country and town to town. It can be selling home made cup cakes, mineral water distribution, setting up shared workspace etc. Now a days every one are looking for a secondary income source apart from their primary job or business. So if you can suggest few hundreds of local side business ideas that can be started in your area or country, then it will be sure shot success.

9) Howto Guides

I agree to the fact that there a tons of howto guide blogs are available now. But the success rate of your blog will be more if you could write how to guide for a specifi topic. Like the famous Indian blogger Amit Agarwal writes howto guides mainly on Google sheets or Google’s online products.

10) Dropshipping Supplier Reviews

Dropshipping is the current trend in the ‘make money online’ category. But new users into this, find it difficult to get a reliable dropshipping partner. You could suggest a pool of reliable dropshipping suppliers and dropshipping products and tips on how to start dropshipping effortlessly.

Now it’s your turn to comment on the tech niche blog ideas that you have succeeded with.

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