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Here is another profitable niche where you can earn big if you are interested in this topic. Yes, its MBA study materials blog.

Also this kind of niche blogs will be very useful for students who are searching for assignment or essay topics

Why this niche ?

As you might know, MBA related keywords are one of the niches having highest CPC (Cost per Click) for Adsense.

If you look at some of the top MBA related keyword in Google Keyword planner tool, the CPC range starts from $160 (11,251 INR).

MBA Niche Keywords
Google Keyword Planner Tool

This much high CPC will not be there for most of the other niches.

So when you write a blog in MBA niche, there are chances that the ads with very high CPC will be shown in your blog.

If you are trying to monetize your contents through Adsense then, this will be a great choice.

Also, this is a niche blog category that can be started without much efforts especially if you are an MBA post graduates or MBA student.

It is true that the competition for MBA study materials related blogs are high as they are huge in numbers and having high earning capacity. But you can easily beat them if you could post contents regularly.

How to make contents easily

Most of the existing bloggers are generating the contents either by
reading management topic books and writing it in their own words or by copying the contents exactly from free essays sources and modifying it slightly.

But there is another easy way to make MBA study materials. That is just by typing your own MBA notes. Yes, the advantage will be that it will be unique.

You can make a post with your own lecture notes or by copying from the Power point presentations that your professors gives you.

This is why I already mentioned, there is an easy way for making contents if you are an MBA graduates or MBA students.

But don’t worry, if you are not doing MBA. You can borrow those notes from passed out students or you can even try local guides available in the market for MBA subjects if they are not copyrighted.

Now share your experience with us if you have already experimented with MBA niche topics.

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