Make Good Money with KETO Diet Recipes Niche Blog

Want a niche for 2019? Then start exploring Keto diet or LCHF diet menus.

Yes, you might be already aware of the popularity getting for Keto diet, sometimes called as LCHF or low carb high fat diet.

The Google trends tools shows that it is one among the highest searched query during the past 12 months in health segment. Also, still there is a 180% increase in its search volume.

Search Queries - Google Keyword Tool
Search Queries – Google Keyword Tool

So it is the right time to start a niche blog in this topic.

What is a KETO diet ?

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet which is currently very popular due to its various health benefits. Many are now following this diet for losing weight, to control Blood sugar etc.

Why to start KETO recipes as a blog Niche?

It is true that you will get hundreds of websites that gives you keto diet recipes.

They why this niche ?

But exclusive websites for keto diet recipes are very few. So the chances to succeed in this niche on a long-term is high.

So start your keto blog that provides food menus and recipes that supports this diet.

Not only recipes, but you can add different sections inside the blog which is related to keto diet.

Examples for keto diet realated sections: Keto diet app reviews, Keto diet side effects, Keto diet communities etc .

How to research & get new topic ideas in keto diet

To get such topic ideas on keto diet, you can use tool. Visit the website and search for the term ‘keto diet’. Then you will get many related keyword ideas which are currently trending like ‘shark tank keto diet’, ‘keto ultra diet’, ‘keto diet menu for begginer’ etc.

Keto Diet Topics
Keto Diet Topics

You can start different sections likewise.

Apart from keto diet you can also look into other popular diet plans like ‘Dubrow Diet’, ‘Noom Diet’ etc as a different sections in the blog or as a separate blog.

Below given is the screenshot of top searched topics taken from Google keyword planner tool.

Other popular diet plans
Other Popular Diet Plans

Any other trending diet plans that you know ? Do share in the comments section.

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