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Many of you start a blog to earn a side income apart from the full-time job. So you are getting only limited time to spend on blogs after your hectic day at office.

So here is a niche with which you can start blogging and generate contents very easily.

WhatsApp Forwards as a Niche

If you are from a country where WhatsApp is not blocked, you will be getting hundreds of forwarded pictures & messages. You will get it either from groups or from personal chat messages.

Yes, you can use these forwarded messages as posts in your website, unless it is a copyrighted content.

But it is not a good idea to share all those forward messages as posts. You can do that, but it will not fetch organic traffic to your website.

How to generate traffic from this niche ?

Some of the topics that you can choose from the forward messages that you get from WhatsApp are:

  • Puzzles
  • Quotes
  • Jokes
  • WhatsApp Status

Let us see how to make contents from each one of it.

Topic #1: WhatsApp Puzzles Niche

We get a lot of Picture puzzles from various groups. What you have to do is find the correct answer for it.

You can get the answer either from the forwarded whatsapp group itself or by solving it yourselves.

Now create a post in your blog using puzzle by adding the picture and writing all the contents inside the picture or message if any. Use puzzles first line as post title.

After adding it create ANSWER section at the bottom of the post. There you have to give the puzzles answer with proper step by step description on how to get the final answer.

Now publish it and wait for few hours. You will be amazed to see a good number of traffic coming to your site.

There are more chances that a whatsapp puzzle gets shared in thousands of other groups. So people will also search for its correct answer to reply to that group.

Hence you get traffic if your sites comes in top result for those search queries.

Topic #2: WhatsApp Quotes Niche

Millions of people are looking for nice quotes. Mostly in the from of images so that the users could share it.

From the Google Keyword Planner tool stats given below you can see that there are more that 1 Million monthly searches for most of the ‘quotes’ keywords and the competition is low too.

Quotes - Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner

You can categorize your blog like Friendship Quotes, Relationship Quotes, Father Daughter Quotes, Motivational Quotes etc.

Topic #3: WhatsApp Jokes

It is true that is is difficult to get organic traffic from the generic Jokes keywords due to its huge competition.

But if you continuously post new & trending joke messages from receiving in whatsapp, you can start getting traffic.

Topic #4: WhatsApp Status

Like whatsapp quotes, there is a huge search volume for people searching about whatsapp status also.

You can easily get new status ideas by just checking the statuses of your friends in WhatsApp. When you get a list of 10 status, create a post using it.

You can use these above content generation tips for other messengers also including Telegram, hike, snapchat etc.

Any other whatsapp content creation ideas you’ve got? Comment below.

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